About us

Lurmetrika Labs is made up of specialists in the science of data, tourism and territorial development. Our knowledge in the fields of mathematics, statistics, economic geography and computing, combined with wide-ranging professional experience, allows us to offer ourselves as a scientific/technological partner for businesses and organisations in the tourism and territory sector.

We can rely on over ten years of experience working on domestic and foreign projects, with both public and private clients active in networks and bodies such as the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), the UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organisation) and NECStouR (Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism).

Our goal is to help improve the future of organisations and companies through information systems and predictive models that make it possible to deal with uncertainty confidently. To do so, we are fully dedicated to every client by supporting them with the implementation of specific actions and innovative solutions to transform opportunities into growth.

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