What we do

We turn data into accessible information.

The new world mediated by technology has significantly changed production models and standards of living.

Information from public and private digital sources, coupled with the meaning created and shared by people and travellers, are essential to designing the positioning of companies, cities and territory, and to defining their socioeconomic development strategies.

This new context is also having a decisive impact on the business models and marketing strategies of tourism services enterprises, which need to add new indicators into their information systems in order to grow within a highly competitive and changing global environment.

Greater growth to reach further.

The scientific and technological team at LURMETRIKA LABS has worked over the last few years to research the potential offered by digital footprints and their relationship with information systems in the field of tourism and territory. One of the results of this work are the solutions created to provide support for study units, research and advanced territories design, and the companies which evolve within them.

lurmetrikaWhat we do