Competitive intelligence laboratories

Competitive strategy for tangible, unbeatable results.

Creating a laboratory makes it possible to identify, measure and take action upon the internal and external variables and factors that affect a territory’s tourism and economic activity. Having well-organised information that has been sorted and properly analysed allows us to get a full overview of the competitive environment, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in implementing a tourism development strategy.

Lurmetrika Labs offers a competitive intelligence laboratory start-up service for cities and destinations to provide organisations with the ability to stay a step ahead of changes in the environment and react accordingly.

Data, knowledge and experience to contribute to optimal positioning for companies and organisations in a global world.

These laboratories are developed in the form of scalable pilot units, so that we can progress towards monitoring the key variables in decision-making about the tourist destination’s design and promotion. Our methodology makes it possible to compare feasibility and effectiveness before carrying out full implementation.

At Lurmetrika Labs, we want to support destinations with their transition towards smart, sustainable management of their resources through the integration of a wide range of information sources and the implementation of cutting-edge analytical tools.

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