Market metrics and monitoring

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Technologies for collecting, structuring and analysing the large amount of information produced daily inside and outside of companies and organisations.

At Lurmetrika Labs, we work to gather, structure and integrate data coming in from digital sources, using web technologies and big data. Our skills in the fields of computing, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, allow us to offer advanced metrics and analysis services on performance in the accommodations industry for any European destination.


  • Daily information on the prices of hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses and rural homes across Europe.
  • Information about the online reputation of hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses and rural homes across Europe.
  • Information which correlates accommodations prices with online reputation.

Analysis services

  • Historical analysis of changes in accommodations prices and studies on seasonal fluctuations.
  • Analysis of the market structure by types of lodging and location.
  • Analysis of the economic impact of sporting, cultural and business-related events, etc.
  • Comparative analysis of prices and online reputation among competing destinations.

These market monitoring services are oriented towards travel destination management and promotion organisations, as well as companies and business groups that need to have detailed knowledge about tourist accommodation market performance in accordance with internal and external factors such as online establishment reputation, competing destination prices, the inclusion of improvements in infrastructures at destinations (transportation, tourist attractions and products, etc.), the holding of events and crisis situations.

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