Place design and destination marketing

Why do investments in certain locations yield jobs, growth and prosperity, while similar investments made in seemingly identical places fail to produce the desired results?

M. P. Feldman, 2014

Territorial development aims to increase the abilities and improve the conditions associated with a particular geographic area which is home to people who share a history, culture, aspirations and social and political tools.

As part of this development, tourism acts as a multi-industry economic sector that involves 37 different business activities which have a direct, indirect or induced impact on economic and territorial development. This is why the occupation and transformation of the territory must play a role in the implications and impacts which affect infrastructures, urban planning, communications, mobility, technologies, health care and society.

At Lurmetrika Labs, we believe that what makes places unique has a lot to do with what people do there, how they feel, and how they use those places and make them their own. Our methodology allows for the construction of a tourist destination by using a “Place Design” tool that creates a new way of analysing and proposing improvements in tourist spaces, which are scaled to visitors.

We are specialists at socioeconomic and cultural assessments of the landscape, developing location design strategies and responsible tourist destination management.

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